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McCoy Slide & Fold Hardware System


  • Slide and Fold Hardware for PVC-U Doors with many different configurations.​

  • Sash weight maximum 80 kg when suspended from top.​

  • Sash weight maximum 100 kg when supported at the bottom.​

  • All hardware steel components, coated with zinc coating and three coats of passivation of thickness 10μm - 12μm.​

  • Successfully tested for 25.000 opening & closing cycles as per DIN EN 13126-15 standards.​

  • The installation can be inward opening or outward opening, optionally.​

  • Powder coated and metal lid trolley connection set. ​

  • Powder coated and heavy duty hinges with metal lid.​

  • 100 Kg Carrier with Carrying Capacity and hinges. 

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