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About Us

McCoy Group has now evolved with over 20+ year's experience serving our customers with products and  services and continuous improvement both internally and externally. With six (6) businesses within the group in India and globally, through our partnerships and ventures have proven over the years that honesty with commitment to our core values makes a good  and sustainable business possible. Across the world  we now employ over 250 employees and most have  been around with us through our journey since 1999.


Our team working across all our business units work  as hard and smart as possible to ensure we are able  to keep up with this ever challenging and demanding world. It's time for disruption. With the turn of this  decade in 2020, we are moving much ahead and working for the next years towards a mission for 2020 to work towards only bringing top sustainable  quality products with complete technical approvals  from leading global organizations like TUV, SGS and complete technical support for all our McCoy 8M  hardware products.


Year Established

1 Million

Window and Door Installed





Distributors PAN India

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