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D Handle Set for Doors - McCoy D Handle Set


  • A complete solution for sliding doors, including d handle set right hand, inside and outside plus sd espag plus sd strikers and locking cylinder with fixing screws, 2 nos. Swing double grooved rollers and set of 3 keys.

  • The handle includes a lever for operation of the espag and space for locking cylinder.

  • Coating thickness of handle is 90μm, so it has very good resistance to corrosion.

  • Spindle centre to lock cylinder centre distance is 92 mm.

  • The overall height of handle is 65 mm.

  • The overall width of the handle is 73.5 mm.

  • The overall length of the handle is 225 mm.

  • The width of the base plate of the handle is 25 mm.

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